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September 24,1996


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All too often, change initiatives which start with great promise end up yielding disappointing results. If your company is not realizing the return you anticipated from your current change efforts, it is still not too late to capitalize on your investment.

We have watched change management fads come and go for over thirty years, focusing instead on helping companies such as GE and Motorola produce immediate, measurable results and use these as building blocks for generating a continuous cycle of more extensive and fundamental change.

Some of the short term results we have helped clients achieve are substantial in themselves:

  • We helped PNC Bank Brokerage move from a net loss to over 15 percent profit, with brokers raising their annual revenue from an average of $125,000 to $285,000 in less than one year.
  • We worked with Motorola ISG to accelerate their product introductions by reducing the time from concept to ship from 1-3 years to six months.
  • For an energy company, we helped reduce operating costs by $1.9 million in three months and $13 million in the next year—-without reducing head count.

Significant as these results may be, they have served primarily as vehicles for managerial innovation and development, helping managers gain the capacity and confidence to tackle more complex and aggressive performance challenges.

Using this approach, we can build on the training you have already carried out and show your managers how to make change a way of life, remaining

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focused on critical business goals instead of being diverted by programs that promise long-term results and make no immediate contribution to the bottom line.

To find out more, we urge you to fax us the form at the bottom of this page and receive your copy of "Beyond the Fads; How Leaders Drive Change with Results," a chapter from the book Managing Strategic and Cultural Change. Written by one of our colleagues, this chapter describes in detail the results driven approach we have used successfully in a wide range of organizations for many years.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Robert H. Schaffer

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