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-- "Route control is vital to companies
      using more than one Internet connection"
Christine Heckart,

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You've chosen to send your traffic over multiple service providers. Now you can optimize performance and dramatically cut your multiple-ISP costs.

Intelligent route control from netVmg allows you to

  • Set Internet traffic policies based on your business priorities
  • Improve performance and reliability with near real time optimization for all IP traffic
  • Reduce your management headaches

Get your money back in six months. You save by

  • Balancing routing over less expensive networks with no loss in performance
  • Managing "peak" billing
  • Providing reliable routing quality without over-provisioning
  • Increasing the productivity of network personnel

Ensure performance levels for key applications. Guide traffic over better-performing multi-hop routes, avoiding Internet congestion and meeting your pre-determined price and performance targets.

"netVmg's system identifies the fastest, most stable,
or least-expensive path around the Internet"

-- Michael Hock,
Aberdeen Group

Start taking control today by requesting your free Route Control Information Kit, which includes an Intelligent Route Control Strategies white paper, a tech update from Network World Fusion, and netVmg's product overview brochure. Go to www.micrositeURL.com

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