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Run better, faster, all the time, with the fastest application performance of any RISC server available today -- at one of the lowest entry price points in the market!

Compaq's AlphaServer GS Series of high-end Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS servers, including the 8-way AlphaServer GS80, the 16-way AlphaServer GS160, and the 32-way AlphaServer GS320, enables you to

Achieve your 24x7 availability objectives without adding to existing staff. The AlphaServer GS Series delivers unmatched availability for e-applications through

} Clustering technology that lets you manage new nodes as part of a single existing system

Dynamic partitioning that allows on-line resource changes .

} Capacity on Demand to satisfy growth requirements without operational disruption.

A host of hot swap and hot add components.

Prepare for explosive growth. A modular system lets your e-business expand almost instantly. You only pay for the infrastructure you need right now because each set of CPUs comes with the just the memory and I/O slots required for that set, along with an entry-level price and a quick method for snapping on more CPUs when needed. You can even add higher performance CPUs when available, without replacing all the older CPUs in your system.

Manage massive amounts of data in record time. AlphaServer GS architectural innovations allow you to respond instantly to customers and run your business in real time, even when larger and larger databases are involved. The raw speed of the Alpha processor combines with a unique memory and switching architecture to keep latencies ultra low as loads increase and then stay low as processors are added -- without requiring changes to existing application software.

Excel at very high levels of computational performance. For high performance technical computing, you'll have the raw speed and memory bandwidth to achieve extraordinary single system performance or to use clusters initially capable of delivering over 3Tflops of scientific performance -- with a 20-fold increase expected from the Alpha chip in coming years.

And the cost?
You save through expandable modular systems, with easily replaced small components and error-proof connections, plus designed-in ease of management, including complete "lights out" support.

The highly flexible AlphaServer GS Series also supports multiple operating systems and on-line maintenance and upgrades. An ideal system for server consolidation, it runs legacy applications through unique hardware partitioning that allows you to put different operating systems or multiple versions of the same operating system on the same server.