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About David Almquist

I was enticed into a career as marketing writer and consultant while moonlighting as a playwright in the 1980s.

One of my plays appeared in a festival of work by new playwrights in Boston, and it began to really come alive on stage. My director loved it, she had access to funds and a sponsoring group, and she wanted to take it to another level.

It all sounded very promising, but I'd also volunteered to take on promotion for the festival and found that I'd gotten just as much satisfaction from filling the theater with paying customers for six nights, on a miniscule promotional budget. For years the festival had drawn an audience of about five to ten people a night; that year we'd drawn over a hundred a night.

It turned out to be the beginning of a career in marketing communications that continues to this day.

Over the years, although a good number of my clients have had ample budgets (Microsoft, IBM, Wells Fargo Bank, McGraw Hill Publishing, HP, and Harvard University), much of my writing and consulting has focused on helping organizations, many of them one- and two-person startups, make the most of limited resources, just as I did with the festival.

Highlights of my work, for organizations large and small, include:   

  • Interviewing several IBM executives to write “thought-leader” articles and a half dozen solution summaries that remained on the IBM website, with my co-bylines, for three years. See the one on Systems Management here:
  • Writing four key web pages for a leading real estate marketing company, three of which were still in use, without significant changes, five years later.
  • Consulting with a Boston area lawyer who had taken over his father’s solo practice and was providing the usual range of legal services, from divorce to personal injury to real estate to wills to criminal law. I advised him to pick one area and then helped him promote it. He now spends 100 percent of his time in his preferred area, criminal law, and keeps three attorneys busy working for him.
  • Being hired to write promotional material for three different firms composed of professional writers. A tough crowd of critics! But they were all happy with the results.

I’ve worked with an extraordinarily broad range of media
Besides websites, brochures, case studies, email and direct mail campaigns, and online/print/broadcast /ATM/billboard advertising, I have  

  • Written a series of very successful radio ads for an Italian restaurant chain near San Francisco.   
  • Scripted, found actors for, and directed three humorous videos for a theatrical equipment company’s website.
  • Created a small outbound telemarketing company to provide telemarketing jobs for two of my friends. I found the clients, wrote the cold call scripts, and then did the initial calls to break in the scripts.
  • Worked with a lawyer who concentrated in divorce and child custody law and got her on three different TV stations in Boston. She was excellent on TV, but the appearances led to zero business for her. Then I got a small suburban newspaper to interview her and write an article that led to a very lucrative child custody case. The lesson? With publicity, you never know.

Recent projects include:

  • Using Facebook/YouTube advertising, Leadpages, and email to successfully promote three webinars for a nonprofit organization.
  • Scripting three promo videos for software products.
  • Developing sales manuals for an HMO.

This unusual breadth of experience enables me to find solutions that fit your objectives AND your resources. They’re grounded in first-hand, working knowledge of a full spectrum of media, where the devil is often in the details.

If you’re interested in web-savvy content, a promotional campaign, or consulting help, call or email me for more information or a custom quote. For more on my consulting services, go here.